A memorial video can preserve precious memories of a lost loved one and can be a comfort to family members and close friends.

Memorial video can be viewed publicly or privately, allowing loved ones to reflect on their memories and rejoice in the celebration of a loved one’s life. Memorial videos combine music, cherished photos and video clips into a touching tribute, providing spiritual and emotional solace for loved ones. It is an ideal way to preserve treasured memories that can be shared for generations to come. Memorial videos can also provide comfort for loved ones who are unable to attend funeral services.

How memorial videos are created
Our multimedia specialists will create a touching and poignant memorial presentation combining your photos and video. Favorite poems or family anecdotes can also be included. You can choose music that is meaningful to you and your loved ones. Even if your photos are faded or damaged, we will work our magic to restore them. You can trust Olive Tree Mortuary to take care of all the details for you.