Taking care of everything for you

Olive Tree Mortuary is committed to excellence in planning meaningful, dignified, affordable services that truly honor your loved one. Our selections and services offer something for every preference and need, including:

Planning conference
Assist your family in making decisions about specific details of the funeral. Arrangements can be made in person at one of our two offices (located in Stanton and Lake Forest), by phone, online, or with our unique funeral planning app.

Transfer of the deceased
From the place of death to the funeral home.

Professional care and preparation of the deceased
Which may include embalming, dressing, hairdressing, cosmetology and casketing.

Death certificate
Obtain the necessary signatures for the death certificate, file it with the county, and provide the requested number of copies for your family.

All necessary permits and authorizations
Including the burial permit.

Coordination with fraternal or military organizations
At your request we will contact the organization and make arrangements for their participation in the funeral.

Casket, urn or burial vault
A broad variety are available, to suit every taste, preference and budget.

Location for visitation
Our visitation room can accommodate 20 or 30 visitors at once.

Coordination with cemetery
To ensure everything goes smoothly.

Assistance with selection, ordering and placement of floral arrangements.

If you do not have a clergy person, we can make arrangements with an officiant of your faith for you.

Pallbearers, vehicles and vehicle escorts
Including a hearse and limousines, as required.

Musicians to play at the funeral
Such as a vocalist, string quartet, bugle player for a military funeral, or New Orleans-style jazz band.

Arranging for cash advances
For clergy honorariums, musicians, funeral escorts and other who need to be paid on the day of the event.

Personalized remembrance package
Consisting of a register book, memorial folders and acknowledgements.

Assistance at the funeral
Regardless of where the funeral is held, we will help with set-up and then stay on-site, ready to assist you as needed, until the funeral is finished.

Prepared based on your input, and placed in any newspaper that you choose.

Insurance and benefits assistance
Filing of life insurance claims and help filing for Social Security and Veterans benefits.

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