Funerals are the first step in the healing process.

Why are funerals the first step in the healing process? Because they provide social support for the bereaved and allow the bereaved to embrace and express their grief. A funeral reaffirms the value of the person who passed away, honoring their life and providing a time for family and friends to say goodbye. A funeral does not require a burial; funeral services can even be held for those who have chosen cremation.

Each funeral service is as unique as the life it honors. Funerals can be elaborate or simple, public or private, religious or secular, military or civilian. In fact, there are a wide range of funeral practices, and these are influenced by cultural and religious traditions, costs and personal preferences.

The most popular funeral types are:

Religious funerals
Including Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu funerals. Your family always has the option of participating in the washing of the body and other religious traditions.

Traditional funerals
With a viewing, gathering at a chapel or other location, and graveside burial.

Military Honors funerals
Olive Tree Mortuary will contact the appropriate military organization(s) on your behalf to arrange for their participation in the ceremony.

Innovative funerals
For those who want to create a funeral that matches their unique vision.

Memorial services
A common choice for those who choose cremation.

Both burial and cremation are available. Whatever your family’s needs or wishes, we can accommodate.

Traditional Burial
With optional visitation and/or graveside service.

Immediate Burial
As required in some religious traditions.

With traditional or memorial service and optional visitation.

Direct Cremation
Without a formal service.